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Solderless Terminals

  • Sold in quantities of 100
Part No.DescriptionGaugePrice
204-301Female Quick Disconnect22-18$10.71
204-302Female Quick Disconnect16-14$9.89
204-304Butt Splice22-18$10.71
204-305Butt Splice16-14$10.71
204-306Butt Splice12-10$13.11
204-308Female Ring Terminal, 5-6 Stud22-18$10.71
204-309Female Ring Terminal, 10 Stud22-18$10.30
204-311Spade Terminal, 4-6 spade22-18$10.71
204-312Spade Terminal, 10 spade22-18$10.71
204-316Ring Terminal, 5-6 stud16-14$10.71
204-318Ring Terminal, 10 stud16-14$10.30
204-319Spade Terminal, 6 stud16-14$10.71
204-321Spade Terminal, 10 stud16-14$10.71
204-324Ring Terminal, 10 stud12-10$14.29
204-325Ring Terminal, 1/4” stud16-14$15.26
204-326Spade Terminal, 10 stud12-10$14.29
204-328Male Quick Disconnect Blue16-14$10.71
204-335Male Quick Disconnect Red22-18$10.71
204-352Closed Splice22-14$10.71
204-353Dead End Splice18-10$12.07