Jensen Tools Mobile Wiring Systems Tool Kit Designed Specifically for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Complete Turnkey Solution for the Maintenance and Repair of Boeing 787 Aircraft Wiring Systems
Manufacturer Model Number:
Part Number: JTC-12606
Shipping Weight: 138.31 pounds
Your Price: $63,243.46
Availability: Special order
Product Features
  • Comprehensive location and tool usage document package
  • Tool control with custom configured high density, high contrast foam for easy identification and FOD prevention
  • Acid and solvent resistant foam
  • Each pocket contains easy part location and identification markings
  • Each kit comes complete with detailed tool usage engineering placards and tool identification Case Features
  • Watertight gasket
  • Slide-mounted aluminum drawers
  • Edge casters allow for easy transport
  • Black-field replaceable hardware
  • Ergonomic polymer handles
  • Automatic pressure relief valve
  • Loadmaster modular interlocking stacking ability
  • Case color options available: olive drab, gray, earth, white, orange, black or red
Product Description
Each 787 Dreamliner contains cutting-edge technology, miles of complex wiring with thousands of line replaceable units. The JENSEN® JTC-12606 Mobile Wiring Systems Tool Kit contains the right tools technicians need to get the job done. This kit is the complete turnkey solution for the maintenance and repair of Boeing 787 wiring systems. The kit includes more than 170 specialty hand tools specifically for use with the Boeing 787 components. Each tool has been selected based on its application or usage on the Dreamliner wiring systems, wire preparation, termination, insertion/extraction, crimping, splice, assembly, contact retention testing and contact inspection. The tools include quality brand names such as AMP, Tyco, Ideal, Russtech- just to name a few. Technician safety is a priority! Each kit includes safety and testing related tooling. That's why we added a technical-data package detailing inventory, tool selection, technical specifications, component-tool association, and much more
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