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JTK®-2000Field Service Kit

  • Available in inch or metric versionsChoose from two case styles
Full range of high-quality tools in your choice of rugged cases. JTK-2000DRT features a larger case with three compartments in bottom of case. Two are foam-filled (8-7/8 x 5") for the protection of sensitive test equipment, not pictured.
Product Specifications
Over 95 tools in all:
Contact insertion/removal tool RS-232
DIP removal tool
Extension blade, 4"
Feeler gauge, inch/metric
Files, needle (3): flat; round; Tri-Square
Handle, regular, 4-1/8"
Handle, T-style
Hemostat, 6"
Hex driver blades, ball-end (7): .050 - 5/16"
Knife, precision
Lead former
Magnifier with light
Mirror, magnetic retrieval tool (telescoping)
Nutdriver blades (7): 3/16 - 1/2"
Parts box
Parts holder, 3 prong
Penlight, w/batteries
Pliers (6): diagonal, 5-1/4"; diagonal, thin, 4-1/4"; groove joint, 7"; mini long nose,
4-3/4"; needle nose, 6"; retaining ring, internal/external
Pliers, locking, LN 6"
Mini Ratchet set, 16 pc. (hex, Phillips/slotted)
Rule, stainless steel, 6"/15cm
Scissors, electrician's
Screwdriver set, jeweler's, 7 pc. (slotted/Phillips)
Screwdrivers, Phillips (3): #0 x 2"; #1 x 6";
#2 x 4"
Screwdrivers, slotted (6): 3/32 x 2"; 1/8 x 8"; 1/8 x 4"; 1/4 x 4"; 5/16 x 4" 2-in-1
Screwstarter, Phillips/slotted, 9"
Socket set, 1/4" drive, 14 pc.
Spring tool, push/pull
Tape measure, 10'/3m
Telephone line tester
Torx Blades (2): T10, T15
Trimpot tool
Tweezers, reverse action
Wire crimper/stripper
Wire stripper, 16-26 AWG
Wrenches adjustable (2): 4 and 8"
Wrist Strap, grounding
Tool case with pallets
Part No.DescriptionCase StylePrice
JTK-2000 Field Service KitMonaco™$828.38
JTK-2000MMMetric Field Service KitMonaco™$796.64
JTK-2000DRTField Service KitRota-Tough™$841.22
377-325Monaco Case & Pallets onlyMonaco™$217.01
377-200Rota-Tough Case & Palets onlyRota-Tough™$249.53