Independent Technology ITC3002B 110 Block to RJ-45 Adapter, 8-Wire

Manufacturer Model Number: ITC3002B
Part Number: 123-711
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Siemon 66 & 110 Block to Modular  Adapters For more information about this and related products, see 66 & 110 Block to Modular Adapters.
Product Description
Independent Technologies 110 Adapters are intended for use when connecting to the AT&T 110 cross connect system. INSTALLATION: Insure the adapter is in the upright position and properly aligned with the appropriate grouping of three, four or 25 pair contacts on the 110 hardware, starting with the tip (left) conductor. Press the adapter onto the contacts in a rocking motion, (from left to right) until it is firmly seated and locked in place. To remove three and four pair 110 adapters, grasp firmly and pull straight off. Twenty-five pair 110 adapters should be removed in a rocking motion similar to the installation procedure.