Independent Technology ITC-3002-KIT Test-All IV Cable Tester

Manufacturer Model Number: ITC-3002-KIT
Part Number: 123-709
Shipping Weight: 1.30 pounds
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Independent Technology Independent Technologies Test-All IV For more information about this and related products, see Independent Technologies Test-All IV.
Product Features
  • Four pair testing
  • Switch selectable pair and test function
  • Line voltage, pair continuity, audio tone injections
  • Adapters for 66, 110, and Bix included
Product Description
Same reliable functions for multi-wire system testing. Each pair (USOC configured) has tri-color LED indication for AC/DC line voltage and continuity. Separate pairs can be injected with warble tone for ID tracing. Included remote shorting adapter aids in one man testing of continuity, mis-wires and reversals. Kit contains adapters for direct block connection, RJ-45 test jumpers (one each long, short, and with alligator clips), 9V battery, carrying case and operation manual. 1-year manufacturer's warranty.