IET Labs CS-301 IET Precision Decade Box Cap CS-301 Substituter 6 Ranges

Manufacturer Part Number: CS-301
Part Number: 455TE301
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Product Description

Economical, indispensable tools for a variety of uses in engineering, design, troubleshooting or service.
•  Just dial in your value for instant operation
•  Direct reading, no fumbling with multiple rotary switches
•  Different color switches separate the various impedance ranges
•  Error proof because it's made with rotary switches
•  Made of high impact plastic
Just the Facts:
•  Model: CS-301
•  Type of Substituter: Precision Capacitance
•  Decades: 6
•  Range: 0-99.9999 Ohms
•  Resolution: 100 pF
•  Accuracy: +/-(1%+3pF)
•  Type of Components: Mica, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Polyester & Polarized Tantalum