Fluke Networks PRO3000 Tone & Probe

Manufacturer Model Number: PRO3000
Part Number: WWG5VYE0
Former Part Number: 425-036
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds
Your Price: $97.85
Availability: Ships direct from the manufacturer
Fluke Networks Pro3000 Tone & Probe For more information about this and related products, see Pro3000 Tone & Probe .
Product Features
  • Easy-to-use with just one control (high or low sensitivity)
  • Highly accurate even within inches of the tone source
  • Can identify split pairs when one wire from a pair has been terminated
Product Description
The Pro3000 Tone & Probe has a more ergonomic case design, SmartTone™ technology, angled-bed-of-nails and an 18-month warranty.