Fluke Networks 22800-001 TS22 STD Test Set

Manufacturer Model Number: 22800-001
Part Number: 300TE001
Former Part Number: 122-526
Shipping Weight: 1.81 pounds
Your Price: $339.63
Availability: Special order
Fluke Networks TS®22 For more information about this and related products, see TS®22.
Product Features
  • Amplified speaker for hands-free monitoring
  • DropSafe reliability — Passes 20 foot drop test
  • RainSafe protection in severe weather conditions
  • Stores nine 18 digit numbers in repertory dialer (speed dialing)
  • Last number redial
  • Audible ringer for callbacks
Product Description
This full-featured, basic test set for POTS testing works in many systems, conditions, and environments, thanks to its DropSafe reliability and RainSafe protection. Three audio levels on the TS22's built-in speaker aid communication with either computerized voice response systems (like the DATU/SASS Conditioning System), or Central Office mainframe administrators. Multiple memories enable storage of nine 18-digit numbers for speed-dialing test boards, the Central Office and other frequently dialed numbers.The back of the handgrip is contoured and has a non-slip pad, freeing both hands while the handset rests on the shoulder.The keypad is recessed in the bezel, providing physical protection to the keypad, while reducing the possibility of accidental button operation.The TS22 measures 10.3 x 3.4 x 2.7", weighs 21 oz. and ships with either standard or angled bed-of-nails cordset.

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