80 Series Digital Multimeters

Accuracy and Diagnostic Functions for Industrial Productivity
  • Accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives
  • Built in thermometer
  • Optional magnetic hanger frees both hands
  • Large digit display with two-level backlight
  • Increases your safety by withstanding 8000 V spikes
Pinpoint problems faster with the 87V. Correctly measures the pulse width modulated output produced by ASD's. Accurately measure true-rms ac/dc voltage current with optional i410 (part no. 403-695) or i1010 (part no. 403-696). 80 Series V ships complete with TL75 test leads, AC72 alligator clips, removable holster, 9V battery, operator's guide, CD-ROM with user manuals, and (87 only) temperature probe. 87V/E2 Combo Kit includes: TL224 SureGrip™ silicone test lead set, TP38 SureGrip™ slim reach test probe set, AC220 long reach alligator clips, magnetic hanger kit, 80BK temperature probe and C35 durable carry case.

Product Specifications
80 Series V Feature83V87V
True RMS voltage and current
Selectable filter for accurate measurements on motor drives
0.05% DC accuracy
4 1/2 digit mode for precise measurements
Built-in thermometer
Large display digits and two-level backlight
10,000 uF capacitance range for components and motor caps
Peak capture records transients as fast as 250us
Measure up to 1000V AC or DC
Measure up to 10 A (20A for 30 seconds)
Auto and manual ranging
Analog bargraph
Resistance, continuity and diode test
Frequency to 200 KHz and % duty cycle
Min/Max/Avg recording to capture variations automatically
Relative mode removes test lead resistance from low
ohms measurements
Improved sleep mode for longer battery life
Access door for fast battery changes w/o breaking
calibration seal
Cat IV 600V and Cat III 1000V safety ratings
Bead type thermocouple temperature probe
Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
424-28387VIndustrial True-RMS Multimeter$429.99
424-299-C87V-CIndustrial True-RMS Multimeter-Calibrated$479.33
424-28587V/E2Industrial Electrician Combo Kit$579.99
424-28483VIndustrial Multimeter$399.99
425-000-C83V-CIndustrial Multimeter-Calibrated$490.56
425-009TL238SureGrip™ High Energy Test Lead Set$81.99
425-011H80MHolster with magnetic strap$51.49
423-66880PK-26Tapered Temperature Probe$121.99
425-612i400400ACA Clamp-On AC Current Probe$159.99