Mini DMM and Voltage Detector

  • 0.5% basic accuracy
  • Built-in non-contact AC volt detector
  • Low battery indicator
These affordable mini-DMM/Volt detectors come complete with stand, test leads, protective holster, bead wire temperature probe (EX330 only) and batteries. They weigh 9 ounces and measure, 5.7" x 9" x 1.6".

Specification Sheet

Product Specifications
Display counts200020004000
Basic Accuracy0.5%
NC Voltage Detector100 to 600VAC
DC Voltage0.1mV to 600
AC Voltage0.1V to 600V
DC/AC Current0.1mA to 10A0.1µA to 10A0.1µA to 10A
Resistance0.1Ω to 2000kΩ0.1Ω to 20MΩ0.1Ω to 40MΩ
Capacitance--0.001nF to 200µ
Frequency--0.001Hz to 10MHz
Temperature (Type K)---4 to 1382°F (-20 to 750°C)
Duty Cycle--0.1 to 99.9%
Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
442-948EX320Mini DMM Plus Volt Detector$54.99
442-949EX330Mini DMM Plus Volt Detector and Temperature$65.99