Lazer Line Precision Cutters

Precisely Right For all Your Cutting Needs
  • ESD Safe Ergo-comfort grips
  • Edges hardened to 64 - 65 RHC for long lasting cutting edge
  • Super duty stainless leaf springs
  • Manufactured from premium American ball-bearing steel
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA
Lazer Line cutters are 5" long with ergonomic ESD grips and stainless leaf springs. Choose from 3 different head styles and types of cut.

For a PDF datasheet on the Lazer Line Cutters, Please Click Here

Part No.ModelHead TypeLength of CutWire Gauge CapacityType of CutPrice
474-7539240EOval.385".010 - .051"Semi-Flush$52.09
458-0939241EOval.385".008 - .040"Maximum Flush$53.21
474-7549242EOval.385".005 - .032"Optimum Flush$54.34
474-7559243ETapered.385.010 - .040"Semi-Flush$54.34
474-7569244ETapered.385.008 - .032"Maximum Flush$55.46
474-7579245ETapered.385".005 - .025"Optimum Flush$56.58
474-7589246ETapered Relieved.385".010 - .040"Semi-Flush$56.58
474-7599247ETapered Relieved.385".005 - .032"Maximum Flush$57.71
474-7609248ETapered Relieved.385.005 - .025"Optimum Flush$58.83
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