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Lazer Line® 4-Star Carbon Cutters

Excelta's Lazer-Line Cutters, Producing the Finest Grade Cutters Available
  • ESD safe (10⁸ ohms/sq.)
  • SLIM LINE handles
The new and improved Lazer Line® medium SLIM LINE oval head cutters feature a smaller frame and black oxide finish to inhibit rust and glare. In addition they feature a brand new molded grip. They are made of AISI 52/100 carbon tool steel with induction hardened cutting blades to RHC 63-65. The CNC machining allows the joint surfaces to be perfect to allow for long life. The dual leaf springs provide a smooth action. Head styles from Oval to Tapered and Tapered Relieved.
Part No.ModelHead StyleCutting Wire RangeCutPrice
100600259240SLOval32 - 18 AWGSemi-Flush$52.61
100600269241SLOval36 - 18 AWGMaximum Flush$53.74
100600279242SLOval50 - 20 AWGLazer Flush$54.88
100600289243SLTapered36-19 AWGSemi-Flush$54.47
100600299244SLTapered36 - 19 AWGMaximum-Flush$56.01
100600309245SLTapered50 - 20 AWGLazer Flush$57.15
100600319246SLTapered and Relieved32 - 19 AWGSemi-Flush$57.15
100600329247SLTapered and Relieved36 - 20 AWGMaximum-Flush$58.28
100600339248SLTapered and Relieved50 - 20 AWGLazer-Flush$59.42