Esico-Triton S5360 Wattage Controller for Soldering Irons and Pots

Manufacturer Part Number: S5360
Part Number: 113-328
Shipping Weight: 1.40 pounds
Quantity Price
1 - 4 $135.84
5 - 9 $129.05
10 - 19 $124.97
20 or more $119.54
Availability: Special order
Product Description
This control offers manual adjustment of soldering iron tip temperature or solder pot temperature, with automatic correction for voltage flucuations. Providing close control up to 75% of full wattage of the heating element. It permits operation, without control, at 100% of full wattage. The controler will handle any 120 volt AC heater load to 840 watts. Control is fused and has a pilot light to indicate cycling.

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