Edsyn 930 LONER® Soldering Station with CL1080 Soldering Tool and IP329 Base

Temperature Regulation Built-In to Handle
Manufacturer Model Number: 930
Part Number: 111-836
Shipping Weight: 2.30 pounds
Your Price: $292.70
Availability: Special order
For more information about this and related products, see "Smart" Soldering Iron Regulates Tip Temperature ±6°F.
Product Features
  • Calibrated dial on handle
  • Temperature from 400°F to 800°F
  • Wattage varies on demand, from 18 to 70 watts
Product Description
Closed loop control circuit continuously "reads" tip temperature and then delivers the precise amount of power to maintain temperature ±6°F. No need to change tips for different temperatures. Temperature recovery is virtually instantaneous even under demanding heat sink conditions. Comes complete with CL1080 soldering iron, LT375 tip, safety storage pod, tip holding tray, 1 lb. solder spool holder/feeder, desoldering wick holder and sponge.