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Conductive and Static Dissipative Totes

  • Full ESD Protection
These injection molded tote boxes are stackable, may be compartmentalized with dividers, and come complete with snaps for ticket holders. Tote boxes are available in Bentron material (black, less than 10⁵ ohms/sq.), or in Benstat material (blue, more than 10⁵ and less than 10¹² ohms/sq.). Optional dividers and covers (not included) are shown below.

Dividers, Bentron Conductive Material Black

These dividers allow you to compartmentalize your tote box. They are slotted on 1-1/4" centers, and are .10" thick. Available in Bentron, which is a black conductive material, with a surface resistivity of less than 10⁵ ohms/sq..

Part No.ModelFit Tote BoxesNo. of Dividers Per Tote BoxCarton QuantityPrice
120-187DS91035CAS120-2127 on Width96$6.30
120-167DL91035CAS120-2125 on Length96$7.00
120-199DS93030CAS120-22415 on Width96$8.50
120-179DL93030CAS120-22411 on Length96$11.00
120-201DS93050CAS120-22615 on Width96$9.30
120-181DL93050CAS120-22611 on Length96$11.00
Price and sold by each