Desco 66323 Statfree UC2™ Dissipative 2-Layer Ultra Clean Rubber Table Mat, 24" x 48" x .080"

Manufacturer Model Number: 66323
Part Number: 548MU598
Former Part Number: 483-873
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pound
Your Price: $142.00
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Product Features
  • .080" thick
  • No detectable levels of silicone or DOP
  • RTT resistance (blue top layer): ESD S4.1 10⁶ - 10⁸ Ohms
  • RTT resistance (black bottom layer): ESD S4.1 <10⁵ Ohms
Product Description
Statfree UC2™ material is a dual purpose rubber matting material. The two layer construction allows it to be used as a dissipative or a conductive matting product. The soft dissipative layer makes an excellent table mat, ideal for use in soldering and assembly areas. This rubber material has superior resistance to heat, abrasion, chemicals, and is easy to clean and maintain.
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