CLEANtack™ Adhesive Entrance Mats

Trap Dirt, Dust and Debris
  • Straight-edge
  • 30 peelable sheets per mat, 4 mats/case
The CLEANtack™ Step One™ Adhesive Mats are made of thin layers of adhesive coated polyethylene film. These tacky layers remove particulates from shoes and cart wheels with each entry to the cleanroom. Mats are designed to resist adhesive transfer, preventing sheet to sheet delamination. To prevent distortion and slippage, the adhesive backing secures the mat to the floor. Each mat has thirty numbered, removable sheets for quick and easy maintenance. The edges are not beveled to ensure that each sheet is contaminate free. Mats are treated with an Anti-Microbial Agent. Ideal for any areas where cleanliness is important such as medical labs, electronic assembly areas, and clean rooms. Mats offer 30 numbered peelable sheets, 4 mats/case. Color Blue, also available in white or gray inquire with our sales department.
Part No.DescriptionSizeColorPrice
425-798Adhesive Entrance Mats18" x 36"Blue$59.76
423-167Adhesive Entrance Mats18" x 45"Blue$68.82
425-799Adhesive Entrance Mats24" x 36"Blue$69.55
441-119Adhesive Entrance Mats24" x 45"Blue$89.97
423-168Adhesive Entrance Mats36" x 36"Blue$107.16
441-120Adhesive Entrance Mats36" x 45"Blue$138.07
441-121Adhesive Entrance Mats36" x 60"Blue$166.75