Printed Circuit Track Repair Kits

  • All you need to repair a printed circuit assembly
The Standard Kit includes: two sets of eyelets, 1/64" and 1/16"; four sets of funnelets; 3/64", 3/32", 1/32", and 1/16"; two pairs of tweezers, one fine straight and one curved; two positioning clamps; three ball mills, 1/32", 3/64", and 1/16"; one razor knife with six assorted blades; one threaded mandrel; a setting tool set; three master frames featuring A-Y traces, T connects, pads, donut pads, finger tracks, flat pack pads, elbows, an instruction manual and a Consumable Replacement Kit that includes: three red bullets, one acid brush, one mixing pad, one red abrasive stick, four spatulas, one set of epoxy, one jar for flux, one jar for cleaner.
Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
113-6372570-0025Standard PC Track Repair Kit$295.41
113-7522580-1394Consumable Replacement Kit$120.13