Brushless and Brush Electric Torque Tools

Complete Set with Driver, Controller and Balancer Conviently Mounts Above the Bench
  • Full Auto Shut-off
  • Stepless speed control
  • ESD Safe
  • 100-240VAC
CHP Assembly Tools offers brushless and brush type electric screwdrivers that cover various torque ranges with precision torque control to meet your assembly requirements. Brushless screwdriver eliminates carbon brushes, minimizes maintenance and is suitable for clean room environment. While the standard brushless series can be used for all electronic assembly, the mini brushless screwdrivers are designed specifically for cellphone and small electronic assembly. CHP brush motor electric screwdriver features large side windows for easy brush replacement and thus minimize down time. All CHP electric screwdrivers are suited for the electronic industry with ESD safe design. All SETS include driver, controller, and spring tool balancer.

Part No.ModelDescriptionTorqueDrivePrice
821IE2000AT-200B-SETBrushless Torque Driver Set0.26-1.7 lbf-ins1/4"$779.97
488-907AT-3000B-SETBrushless Torque Driver Set0.43-4.3lbf-in1/4"$779.97
488-918AT-4000FB-SETBrushless Torque Driver Set with Fast RPM1.30-10.4lbf-in1/4"$779.97
488-914AT-4000B-SETBrushless Torque Driver Set1.30-10.4lbf-in1/4"$779.97
821IE6000AT-6000B-SETBrushless Torque Driver Set1.3-10.4 lbf-in1/4"$779.97
821IE3200AT-6500B-SETBrushless Torque Driver Set3.5 - 17.4 lbf-in1/4"$779.97
599-764AT-6800B-SETBrushless Torque Driver Set4.3 - 21.7 lbf-in1/4"$779.97
821IE130AM-30Error-Proofing Digital Power Supply for Brushless Drivers--$614.77