DeoxIT® Contact Cleaners, Rejuvenator and Protector

  • D-Series cleaner & rejuvenator dissolves contamination & protects the surface
  • G-Series conditioner & protector maximize new system performance on precious metal contacts and connections
General “contact cleaners” are effective in washing away surface dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces, but prove ineffective for removing oxidation and metal sulfides. These tough contaminants actually attach to, and become an integral part of the contact metal, causing reduced performance, system failures and increased service calls. The only true method of eliminating oxidation and surface sulfides is by chemical action and reaction, and that’s what puts DeoxIT® products in a class by themselves.

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Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
417-192D5S-6DeoxIT® D-Series Spray 142 g$14.26
388-003D100L-25CDeoxIT® D-Series Precision Needle Dispenser 25 mL$23.71
419-188D100PDeoxIT® D-Series Pen Applicator 6 mL$14.54
388-004G5S-6DeoxIT® G-Series Spray 142 g$21.06
422-885G100L-25CDeoxIT® G-Series Needle Dispenser 25 mL$49.15
419-186G100PDeoxIT® G-Series Pen Applicator 6 mL$26.13
481-499K-2CDeoxIT® Sampler Kit 1.6 mL Tubes$17.22