Atrix International VACO22VESD Vacuum, Omega Cordless ESD Safe, 1 Gallon Ultrafine Immediate Container

Manufacturer Part Number: VACO22VESD
Part Number: 10012181
Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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Product Features
  • This cordless vacuum offers self-storage and contained accessories, built-in full filter indicator light, brushless digital motor, 30+ minute run time and 1 hour rechargeable battery.
  • It is a powerful vacuum with its 190-watt cleaning power but quiet at only 67 decibels.
  • The one-gallon, immediate containment ultrafine filtration cartridge, US Patent No. 7,048,773, is 88% efficient at .3 micron and consists of 43 cellulose pleats.
  • The ultrafine filter can capture toner, color toner, dust and debris.
  • The vacuum and accessories are ESD safe providing a static path to ground.
  • The tool box structure and self-contained accessories makes this vacuum convenient for mobile service technicians.
  • This vacuum includes a permanent heavy duty retention plug to ensure safety when transporting or storing.
  • The cordless tool box structure makes this vacuum convenient for applications where corded versions are inconvenient or simply not an option.
Product Description
The Omega Cordless ESD vacuum VACO22VESD, is an excellent H12 Ultrafine immediate containment filtration option for cleaning static sensitive equipment such as computers, copiers, printers, data centers, ATM’s, gaming, banking, robotic and telecom applications.