Gedore TLS Series Preset Torque Screwdrivers

  • Accurate process control is ensured by eliminating under and over tightening due to the proven Gedore Torque slipping technology
  • These versatile tools are ideal for a wide range of applications by offering both bi-directional and one way slipping actions
  • Lightweight aluminium construction and smooth reset action of the tool increases production efficiency by reducing operator fatigue
  • Reduces the likelihood of warranty and rework by ensuring accurate torque application.
  • These tools can be used by operators at any skill level, due to the unique slipping mechanism
  • TLS Screwdrivers are supplied with a pack of four interchangeable coloured end caps to allow easy identification and to see what tool is set to each torque value (ASG #: 015999 - not supplied with 0022 versions)
TLS Screwdrivers can be Pre-set and calibrated to NIST at the factory if desired. Call 800-225-5370
Part No.ModelDescriptionTorquePrice
489-799015140TLS Minor MH RED3 in/oz -12 in/lb$168.28
490-114015215IFR Minor FH Blue3 in/oz-12in/lb$208.40
490-100015200TLS Minor FH Blue1.2 to 12 in/lb$170.00
490-101015260TLS Minor FH Gold1.2 to 12 in/lb$170.00
490-102015220TLS Minor FH Green1.2 to 12 in/lb$170.00
490-103015240TLS Minor FH Red1.2 -12 in/lb$170.00
490-105015520TLS STD MH Green8 in/oz -36 in/lb$176.50
490-107015540TLS STD MH Red8 in/oz -36 in/lb$176.50
490-109015600TLS STD FH Blue4.4-36 in/lb$178.28
490-111015660TLS STD FH Gold4.4-36 in/lb$178.28
490-112015620TLS STD FH Green4.4-36 in/lb$178.28
490-113015640TLS STD FH Red4.4-36 in/lb$178.28
490-119015615IFR STD FH Blue4.4-36 in/lb$218.52
490-120015635IFR FH Green4.4-36 in/lb$218.52
490-115015275IFR Minor FH Gold1.2 to 12 in/lb$208.40
490-116015255IFR Minor FH Red1.2-12 in/lb$208.40
490-117015900TLS1360 MH Black22-120 in/lb$217.62
490-118015915TLS1360 MH Black22-120 in/lb$217.62
490-121015920TLS 1360 FH Black22-120 in/lb$219.84