Free Power Supply for A, BL, BLG, CL, SS, SSCR and TL series Torque Drivers

  • Save up to $1400
  • Please call 800-225-5370 to order
Special applies to ASG A, BL, BLG, CL, SS, SSCR and TL series drivers, cannot be combined. Use promo code when ordering. BLG OPC models require either the purchase of the BLOP-SC1 or BLOP-SC3 counter to receive free power supply.
Part No.ModelFor Use WithDescriptionPrice
443-751PS-55A, BL, BLG, CL, SS, SSCR, TL DRIVERSPS-55 Single Output Switchable Power Source$244.11
459-85665520A, CL, SS, SSCR DRIVERSCLT-60 Single Output Switchable Power Source$610.66
477-06565526CL9000-PS, 9000-PS-HT DRIVERSCLT-80 Power Supply$1,441.09
423-400T-70BLG DRIVERS (requires 65590 or 65591 counter)T-70 Power Supply$443.59