ASG X-PAQ™ Precision Fastening Systems

  • Large user-friendly, intuitive multi-color touch screen for easy set-up
  • Optional network interface for advanced data storage and plant-networking
  • Torque control with angle monitoring or angle control with torque monitoring
  • 12 Configurable task keys for multiple assembly set-ups
  • 8-Available parameters within each task
  • Data collection and run-down graphing, and graph data export feature
  • Forced Retry of failures to prevent advancement of batch count
  • Universal power supply 115/230VAC
ASG X-PAQ™ Precision Fastening Systems include SD2500 Series torque tool, controller and cable. Right angle tools are available. Demo units in stock, call 800-225-5370 today for a demonstration of this revolutionary precision fastening system from ASG.

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Part No.ModelActuationCapacity lbs.Price
475-166ASG-SD2500-10PLPush/Lever Start Combo10 in/lb$6,954.00
475-167ASG-SD2500-20PLPush/Lever Start20 in/lb$7,128.00
475-168ASG-SD2500-35PLPush/Lever Start35 in/lb$7,302.00
475-169ASG-SD2500-50PLPush/Lever Start50 in/lb$7,476.00
475-170ASG-SD2500-10PSPush to Start10 in/lb$5,139.00
475-171ASG-SD2500-20PSPush to Start20 in/lb$5,200.00
475-172ASG-SD2500-35PSPush to Start35 in/lb$7,302.00
475-173ASG-SD2500-50PSPush to Start50 in/lb$5,320.00
475-174ASG-SD2500-10FXFixture Mount10 in/lb$6,954.00
475-175ASG-SD2500-20FXFixture Mount20 in/lb$7,128.00
475-176ASG-SD2500-35FX-SYFixture Mount35 in/lb$6,845.00
475-177ASG-SD2500-50FX-SYFixture Mount50 in/lb$7,476.00