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ASG CL-Series DC Electric Screwdrivers

  • World class quality brush-type design
  • Precise, uniform torque control
  • FREE PS-55 Promo applies!
ASG CL-Series by Hios® are ideal for a wide range of torque applications and offer flexibility for small fasteners or vacuum pick-up applications. All models feature reversible speed (switch-actuated), and come complete with power cord and suspension hook.

All models require a Power Supply

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Part No.ModelTorqueRPMLengthDriveActuationPrice
106SC641CL40000.9-4.81000@30VDC, 670@20VDC7-1/2"1/4" HexLever$399.64
106SC111CL40000.9-4.81000@30VDC, 670@20VDC7-1/2"HiosLever$399.64
106SC4116CL60001.7-8.8790@30VDC, 500@20VDC8-1/2"1/4" HexLever$412.82
106SC120CL65002.6-14910@30VDC, 600@20VDC9"1/4" HexPush-to-Start$452.38
115-624CL65002.6-14910@30VDC, 600@20VDC9"1/4" HexLever$463.26