Staticide® Anti-Static Topical Liquids

Proven Effective in Eliminating Static-Related Problems
  • General Purpose Staticide® inhibits static on all surfaces
  • Heavy Duty Staticide® eliminate static on carpets, upholstery & fabrics
  • Exceeds MIL-B-81705 specifications for static decay in accordance with Federal Test Standard 101, method 4046

Anti-static topicals are easy-to-use solutions that reduce static electricity. Staticide® anti-stats decay static to a zero charge faster than any other anti-static topical on the market. Unlike other anti-static topicals, Staticide® Concentrate is formulated to be effective independent of relative humidity.

✓ General Purpose Staticide® can prevent damage of sensitive electronic equipment, components, and sub-assemblies during manufacture, shipping or receiving by reducing a static charge to zero volts. This solution inhibits charge generation on all surfaces it's applied to including tote boxes and carriers used to process and store electronic components. Designed to reduce dust, dirt, and bacteria attraction by removing the charge. Non-toxic and safe to use, this solution can be used in industrial, institutional, and commercial environments.

✓ Heavy Duty Staticide® is ideal for eliminating static and preventing tribogeneration on carpets, upholstery, and fabrics. It is also appropriate to use in avoiding jamming or material slippage during printing, packaging, and converting. This solution can even be used as an aid to avert dangerous static-triggering situations such as the ignition of combustible vapors, dust or solvents.

One gallon covers approximately 2000 sq.ft. and will last from weeks to months, depending on the application and the material it's applied to.

Staticide® topicals can be applied by spraying, wiping, dipping, transfer roller coating, gravure coating or flexographic printing.

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Part No.ModelDescriptionContainer SizePrice
486-637530General-Purpose4 oz. Spray Bottle$6.00
106ST2032003General-Purpose1 Quart Spray Bottle$11.40
1065WA0012001General-Purpose1 Gallon Bottle$28.30
106CH520520Heavy-Duty4 oz. Spray Bottle$6.65
106ST2052005Heavy-Duty1 Quart Spray Bottle$18.25
121-8812002Heavy-Duty1 Gallon Bottle$62.00