Dualmat™ Static Dissipative Table Mats

No Glare, Easy-to-Clean and Lays Flat
  • Embossed finish
  • .080" (2mm) thickness
  • .05 second decay time ensures rapid, safe static drain
  • 10⁶ - 10⁸ ohms, ohms per cm for RTT, RTG, and Vol R meets industry electrical specifications in all humidities
  • Withstands high temperatures, solder, flux, and harsh chemicals
  • Low out gassing and VOC are ideal for cleanrooms and other controlled environments
  • No vinyl monomers or DOP ensures conformity to personal and environmental safety standards
  • UV additives provide color stability and prevent fading
Dualmat™ is a 2-ply chemically cross-linked rubber material that is inherently dissipative on the top side and conductive on the bottom side. The material will not exudate, outgas, or lose its electrical properties. The soft textured surface offers comfortable protection against static discharge, parts slippage, and damage from UV lights. The durable material is resistant against solder, heat, and most common solvents.
Part No.DescriptionSizeColorPrice
442-076Mat24" x 36"Light Blue$66.50
442-505Mat24" x 36"Royal Blue$74.48
442-077Mat24" x 48"Light Blue$97.89
442-073Mat24" x 48"Gray$92.64
442-078Mat24" x 60"Light Blue$114.80
442-513Mat24" x 72"Gray$133.00
442-504Roll24" x 40'Light Blue$764.37
434-786Roll30" x 40'Royal Blue$1,027.57