Electrical Tape

  • High quality 33 series
  • UL listed
  • 33 Black Tape is designed for more demanding environments.
  • 35 Color Series is perfect for those jobs that require color-coding.
  • 1700 Series is for less demanding indoor jobs

Vinyl tape resists solvents and is flame retardant. Cold and weather resistant. Acts as a primary electrical insulation for wire and cable splices up to 600V and fixture wire splices to 1000V.Two types to choose from. Type 33 has all the features described above is available in black. Type 35 has all the features described above, is fade resistant, and available in red and white for identification and marking. All tapes are UL listed and CSA certified. Roll sizes: 7mil, 3/4 wide x 66 ft. long.

Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
183-32435Blue Electrical Tape without Dispenser$6.62
183-32835Orange Electrical Tape without Dispenser$6.62
183-33035Yellow Electrical Tape without Dispenser$6.47
251-189251.1891700 Temflex Tape, pack of 10 rolls$11.81
402-81435Red Electrical Tape without Dispenser$6.62