Rubber and Goatskin Leather Electrical Safety Gloves

For Use Around Electrical Hazards and Arc Flash Protection
  • Class 0
  • Max use 1000V
  • Contoured shape
  • Used exclusively for electrical purposes
  • Rubber Gloves meet ANSI/ASTM D120 standard and NFPA 70E
Electrical insulating safety gloves, class 0, 11-inch orange 10-inch top glove. Used exclusively for electrical purposes, such as power generation, electrical contractors, hybrid automotive repair/service, hybrid automobile manufacturing, industrial plant maintenance, utilities. Contoured shape reduces hand fatigue. The natural rubber construction offers the required dielectric properties combined with flexibility, strength and durability. Rubber gloves are silicone free and meet ANSI/ASTM D120 standard and NFPA 70E for use around electrical hazards and arc flash protection.
Part No.ModelDescriptionColorPrice
475-681147-0-11/8Rubber Insulated GlovesOrange$60.33
475-682147-0-11/9Rubber Insulated GlovesOrange$66.87
475-683147-0-11/10Rubber Insulated GlovesOrange$66.87
475-684147-0-11/11Rubber Insulated GlovesOrange$66.87
475-685148-1000/8Top Grain Goatskin GlovesNatural$16.26
475-686148-1000/9Top Grain Goatskin GlovesNatural$16.26
475-687148-1000/10Top Grain Goatskin GlovesNatural$16.26
475-688148-1000/11Top Grain Goatskin GlovesNatural$16.26