Cushion Stat™ Dissipative/Anti-Static Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Pebble-Embossed Surface Provides Excellent Traction
  • Easy to clean
  • All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards
  • RTG measured at moderate and 12% RH, at 10V and 100V = 10⁹ ohms
  • Overall thickness: 3/8"
Cushion Stat™ is a dissipative/anti-static mat made from a NoTrax® exclusive Dyna-Shield® PVC sponge, specially formulated to absorb static electricity keeping sensitive electronic circuitry safe from damage. Cushion-Stat™ with Dyna-Shield® is manufactured with a tough protective top layer that increases the strength of the product and provides long lasting wear.
Part No.SizeColorPrice
481-3002' x 3'Gray$39.50
481-3012' x 3'Brown$39.50
481-3022' x 3'Black$39.50
481-3032' x 3'Black/Yellow$39.50
481-3043' x 5'Gray$98.75
481-3053' x 5'Brown$98.75
481-3063' x 5'Black$98.75
481-3073' x 5'Black/Yellow$98.75
481-3083' x 10'Gray$197.50
481-3093' x 10'Brown$197.50
481-3103' x 10'Black$197.50
481-3113' x 10'Black/Yellow$197.50