Super Adjustable® Stationary Wire-Shelving Unit

Quick Release Lever Adjusts Shelves in Seconds
  • 63" high
  • Shelves adjusted at 1" increments
  • Optional upgrades for ESD-Safe shelving
Units come complete with four Super Adjustable® chrome-plated wire shelves and four 63" high chrome-plated stationary post. Each shelf corner is equipped with a quick release lever that remains securely in place until a shelf adjustment is required.
Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
413-539A336C18" x 36" Wire Shelving Unit$387.50
413-540A346C18" x 42" Wire Shelving Unit$445.50
413-541A356C18" x 48" Wire Shelving Unit$445.50
413-542A366C18" x 60" Wire Shelving Unit$497.50
413-543A376C18" x 72" Wire Shelving Unit$574.50
413-551A556C24" x 48" Wire Shelving Unit$522.50
413-552A566C24" x 60" Wire Shelving Unit$595.50
413-553A576C24" x 72" Wire Shelving Unit$687.00
408-668AESD-4Conductive Sleeve (pkg/4)$8.40
120-568ASK16SGrounding Cable$26.50