Rebrand FAQs

Q: Are you still a division of Stanley Black & Decker?
A: Yes, JENSEN Tools + Supply, Inc. remains a division of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., when you purchase from us, you are guaranteed quality of product, integrity and personalized service from one of the world’s largest tool companies.
Q: Do you still offer the same products and services?
A: There are no changes to our offering, in fact we will have some more offerings soon so stay tuned!
Q: Does JENSEN Tools + Supply have a new website address?
A: Yes! The new web address is so remember to bookmark us!
Q: What is the remit to address for payments?
A: Our REMIT TO ADDRESS will stay the same but the REMIT TO NAME will changes to JENSEN Tools + Supply. All payments are to be made out to JENSEN Tools + Supply.
Q: Is your billing address changing?
A: No, our billing address stays the same.
Q: Does Jensen Tools + Supplies have a new Tax ID #?
A: Our Tax ID number is not changing it will remain the same.
Q: Will I need an updated W9?
A: Yes, you can call your contact person here at JENSEN Tools + Supply or Call 978-974-1254.
Q: How do I contact my sales rep?
A: The same as always our phone numbers emails have stayed the same (, and as always contact information is on all invoices and statements.
Q: Can I receive invoices from JENSEN Tools + Supply by email?
A: Yes, Please call us at 978-974-1254 to be set-up for free electronic invoicing.
Q: Will any open invoices be resubmitted reflecting the new name?
A: as of 2/29/2016 all invoices will be under Jensen Tools + Supply, Inc.
Q: Does Jensen Tools + Supplies have a new address
A: Our Addresses stay the same
335 Willow St
North Andover MA 01845
7815 S. 46th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85044-5399
Q: If I have a contract with Stanley Supply & Services do I need to create a new contract with Jensen Tools + Supply?
A: This is a legal name change and contract change to reflect the new company name is suggested.
Q: I have an order pending shipment I placed before the name change, will this affect my order?
A: No, but if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q: Will there be any interruption of distribution services?
A: The satisfaction of our customers has been, and will continue to be, our top priority here at Jensen. In keeping with our goal of a seamless transition to our new brand, there will be no resulting interruption to distribution services. We will remain vigilant in our mission to make sure you have the products you need, when you need them.