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Laser etching of the tools is available upon request, additional fees apply. Please call for more information Jensen Tools JTC-12967 Small Arms Repair Kit (SARK) It provides all the necessary hand tools to repair and maintain small arms.
color coded temperature keys, hot air blower, free accessories Steinel’s Pro-Heat Gun Kit is Half Price! The HB1750 comes with a free case, save $150
2 carbon filters included, 10 speeds, 3 prong grounded plug, CE approved, RoHS approved, static dissipative Aven’s New Dual Function ESD Bench-Fan/Blower Has Arrived Smoke absorber is 80% efficient at removing irritating fumes.
Oxidation cleaner CAIG DeoxIT® Contact Cleaners, Rejuvenator and Protector The only true method of eliminating oxidation and surface sulfides.
Luer lock dispensing needle tips Jensen Global Dispensing Needle Tips Economical choice for all your dispensing needs.
General Purpose Cleaning Solvent Degreaser Techspray PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser Powerful spray to clean hard-to-reach parts from as far as ten feet.
includes arms and filters, easy to install, quiet operation Save $46 on Metcal’s BVX HEPA Fume Extractor Compact and powerful enough for 2 operators, Metcal’s fume extractor is 99.9% efficient